Hi everyone! My name is Megan and I’ve started this blog for my PR writing class (PRCA 3330.)

 I guess I’m supposed to say a little bit about myself in this section.

I’m originally from Charleston, SC and I love it there! I would much rather be at the College of Charleston than Georgia Southern University, but when I transferred from Berkeley College-NYC I didn’t think that I had been accepted to CofC so I decided to go to GSU and signed a lease and all that. Then, less than a month later I got my acceptance letter from CofC. Needless to say, I was pissed. So I’m here at GSU making the best of it (but seriously missing the beach, amazing shopping, and great seafood restaurants back home.) I really wanted to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology and major in fashion marketing and management, but I missed the registration deadline and decided to go to Berkeley because they had the same program so I would be able to start fashion classes as well transfer easily, but then winter came. Now I’ve been to NYC many many times in December and I know it snows, but living in instead of visiting a place that has a lot of snow sucks! I couldn’t handle layering with 3 jackets just to keep slightly warm and I missed little things like being able to drive my own car and buying more than just 2 bags of groceries (since that’s all I could carry to my apartment.) I swear the snow never went away and it wasn’t pretty after a while (it turned into a gross brown color.) After living there for 8 months I realized why all the ‘Yankees’ were moving down south. So now I’m at GSU and I’ve changed my major to public relations and recently added Spanish as my second major. It was my minor, but since I couldn’t get an override into a class I needed as a pre-req I’ll be on the 5-year plan so I figure taking a couple extra classes isn’t that bad to end up with 2 degrees (although I’d much rather be graduating in December 2010 than May 2011, but oh well.) Well, I guess I’ve rambled long enough about myself.

I hope everyone has a great semester!  🙂