I know I should have blogged about this a long time ago, but I never got around to it so here’s my blog about PR-Real World…

Back in February PRSSA members here at GSU were given the chance to go to Atlanta to attend a conference run by Georgia (as in the state, not the school) PRSA. It was called PR Real World and it gave students from around the state, as well as Alabama, Florida, and South Carolina, the chance to network and ask professionals any questions they wanted. My favorite part of the entire day was when we got to have our resumes revised by the professionals. They gave helpful tips like how to lay out your education, work experience, etc. as well as what to include and what should be taken off. That was the best and most helpful thing of the entire conference in my opinion. Oh, another tip the professionals told us was to send a hand-written thank you card after you go to an interview. It helps them to remember you and it’s polite so that sticks in their mind.

I would definitely recommend this one day conference to anyone looking to get into the PR industry as well as anyone who is graduating soon because they also held a career fair. I’m excited for the one next year because I’ll be graduating (finally) and I’m hoping to make some connections that might help me in the job search process.

Below I’ve included a link to GA’s PRSA website as well as the national PRSSA website so you can check it out and look for upcoming events and/or conferences. I HIGHLY recommend them! They’re fun and beneficial!

GA|PRSA Website

National PRSSA Website