This weeks topic is the NewsU The Lead Lab course that we took recently. I’ll include a link to the course at the bottom in case you’re curious about it and/or want to take it yourself.

So…I’m not sure what I learned from this course. I’m not a big fan of the NewsU courses we have to take because there’s always some kind of glitch with their system and I feel like they’re a waste of time honestly. I learn more for this PR writing course from reading the book and not these additional online courses.

This might sound a little stupid, but I was surprised by how complex the actual course was. Using your mouse you had to scroll over different things that are found in a laboratory (hence the name “The Lead Lab.”) Some of the things were easy to find and then others were a little harder. I thought the programmers could have set it up differently, but that’s just my opinion.

I’d like to know more about what make a good lead, but I don’t want to learn that from an online course that doesn’t explain things well or actually help you should you want to talk to a real person. Clearly from this blog post you can tell I did NOT enjoy this course, but maybe you will…

Here’s the link to the NewsU The Lead Lab course. Good luck!

Have a great day! 🙂