So the topic this week it: What makes a story newsworthy?

Needless to say a lot of factors make a story newsworthy…does it affect the community? is it funny? is anyone hurt? who does it involve? etc., etc., etc. Out of all of these questions I think the most important one to ask (and answer) is WHAT HAPPENED?

Without explaining what actually happened to the readers of a story they will be clueless and confused on what you’re writing about. Was there a deadly school bus accident? Is there another child molestation case involving the Catholic Church? Did another governor, professional athlete, or tattoo covered man mooching off of his successful actress wife get caught cheating? As the reader, you don’t know! Thus, you need to explain what the story is about and start by using a good lead. **See my blog post for the topic on the week for week 7 and take the online course to learn what makes a good lead.**

Personally, I think that many topics can be seen as newsworthy. I belive it just depends on what type of news you like to hear about. I’m so tired of hearing about how crappy the economy is so I choose not to read about or watch news stories that are about that. I do however love watching E! News and getting caught up on my favorite TV shows if I missed them. I also like that they usually have a style segment about recent fashion trends. It might not be hard-hitting news to some, but at least it’s positive and entertaining!

Well, that’s all I have to say about what makes a story newsworthy! Have a great day! 🙂