As always during the Super Bowl there were so many great ads! I enjoyed most of them (except for the one with Tim Tebow…he just gets on my nerves and I’m sick of seeing him everywhere.) The one that I definitely laughed the hardest at had to be the Doritos: House Rules ad. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! Not only was that little boy super cute, but he was too funny! I loved how he slapped that man and kept a straight face the entire time. He seriously looked like he meant business.

I believe the target audience for this commercial were men ages 21-50. I think they created this commercial to target that age range and gender, but it was so funny that I think women as well as men responded to it positively and got a kick out of it. I’ve always been a fan of Doritos (only Cool Ranch though…the Nacho Cheese is just too cheesy for me personally) and after this commercial it made me want to run out and pick up a bag.

Once again, Doritos came up with a great ad for the Super Bowl. I have to say, Doritos consistently has hilarious ads that make you remember their name as well as what they’re selling. I think this ad is one that will be talked about for many years to come. Good job, Doritos! You did it again!

Click the link below to watch my favorite Super Bowl commercial!

Hilarious Doritos Commercial