Chapter two is all about persuasion. It tells you the basics of communication: sender, message, channel, receiver. Here are a couple of points in the chapter that I found interesting and will be useful in future writing:

1. Hierarchy of Needs. Abraham H. Maslow created a list of human needs ranging from basic survival to more complex. They are: physiological needs (food, water, clothes–basic essentials), safety needs (protection from danger, death or restriction), social needs (the feeling of being accepted as you are by others), ego needs (self-esteem, confidence, respect of others), and self-actualization needs (after all other needs have been taken care of one decides to do something for fun or just because.) I feel like I’ve learned about Maslow in at least one class every semester, but I don’t get tired of studying his work. I bet he was a very interesting guy…or really weird. Either way, he seems to have been a pretty smart.

2. Content and Structure. This section includes drama, statistics, surveys, examples, testimonials, endorsements, and emotional appeals. I think these techniques are great! Just like the book says, “people are motivated by theatrics and a good story.” If these techniques are used properly there is no way that a reader wouldn’t be persuaded to use a product or change their opinion of a person. The next time I have to write a persuasive article or paper I’m definitely using these seven techniques.

3, Persuasive Speaking. Even as a little girl my dad has told me that I’m one of the best salespeople he knows, and he knows A LOT of them since he is in sales himself. He’s always said that I ” could sell sand to Arabs” and after reading page 54 I think I could definitely give it a try. I’m not a shy person, but when I have to speak in front of people I don’t really know I get nervous. This section gave a few good techniques that would help with public speaking and persuasion. The book says to offer a choice, try to achieve partial commitment, and ask for more even though you know you’ll get less. I think these points are a good outline for anyone trying to gain new clients or make old ones happy.