Sorry I’m just now getting to post my thoughts on the readings. I’ve been super busy with school, going home for doctor’s appointments, and all that jazz. Moving along…

A few things that I found interesting in chapter one were:

1. The section on computers. It might sound silly to some people, but I was blown away by all of the different types of computers, word processing packages, and the different amount of GB one can purchase. I have a laptop, but I couldn’t tell you how many GB of memory or anything it has. After reading that section it was clear to me that I need to do some more research on high tech gagets before I purchase them.

2. I really liked the section on Professional Publications. As a member of PRSSA I receive PRSA Public Relations Tactics as well as PRSSA Forum. I love reading the articles in these publications and seeing what professional in the PR field are doing as well as what PR students are up to.

3. A section that I think most people need to remember was “How to Improve Your Writing.” I know I’m guilty of making mistakes in my writing, but this section on page 24 had a few helpful tips from an article by Katie Badeusz ( on how to clean up and spice up your writing. Katie says to “be clear, avoid jargon, include quotes, and allow yourself to write crap…” along with a few other pieces of advice to improve your writing.

These are just a few points that caught my attention in chapter one.