This week I read Grammar Girl’s blog titled “Can you start a sentence with “Because”?”

1. I learned that you can start a sentence with because and it’s grammatically  correct. Every teacher I had growing up in school taught us that you cannot start a sentence with because. So to me, this blog totally contradicted everything I’ve learned about the word “because.”

2. I was surprised just by reading that it’s not wrong to begin a sentence with because. It might sound silly to some, but that was always one of the first things we went over every year in my many many years of attending private Catholic school.

3. I want to know more about why it is acceptable to start a sentence with because. I know in just talking to my friends I sometimes start a sentence with because, but that’s not a formal conversation. If you were to write a research or term paper using because to start a sentence, would the professor know that it is grammatically acceptable to do that?