PRSSA 2010-2011 Tuesday, Apr 27 2010 

So I just got back from the last PRSSA meeting of the semester. Elections were held…and free pizza was provided by the organization. I’m really excited to say that I’ll be vice president next year and I’m really looking forward to it. Haley Higgs is the new president and Brigitte Gausche is the new treasurer/secretary. Haley already has A LOT planned for PRSSA to do next year and I can’t wait to be involved. I hope that those of you who are members will be at the meeting and hear what we have to say and if you haven’t joined then please do next fall! I hope to see you all there!

Have a great summer!


Blog Poll Monday, Apr 26 2010 

Just to see who (if anyone) enjoyed blogging this semester I thought I’d include a poll on one of my blogs. Don’t worry, your answers are anonymous!

T.O.W–Week 16 Saturday, Apr 24 2010 

This week we’re supposed to give other PR students who are new to blogging some advice. Here’s my top 10 list…

#1. When blogging for a PR class it’s not fun so just know that going into it. I’ve never blogged before this class and I wasn’t totally sure what it was going to be like, but I have to be honest, it sucked. It’s A LOT to keep up with in addition to other classes, homework, extra curricular activities, and a job. I don’t think I would mind blogging so much if I could write about stuff that I’m interested in, but that’s not the case with this class.

#2. Stay on top of your required weekly blogs (i.e. reading notes, personal, topic of the week, etc.) I wish that I would have paid more attention to what I needed to do weekly because I feel like I’m kind of cramming a lot of stuff into my blog at the last minute. Don’t make my mistake of procrastinating!

#3. Comment! Comment! Comment! We’re required to comment 25 times on our classmates blogs and I’ve found this to be a real challenge. I barely have time to creat my own blog entries let alone read someone elses and leave some feed back. Try your best to make time to comment!

#4. Make your blog fun and interesting! Try to add some personal touches to your blog. I  really like Brigitte Gausche\’s blog because she has a lot of cool stuff on hers. She does a different photo of the week because she’s really into photography and has her own photography company. Check it out by clicking on the link I included earlier.

#5. Check the comments that are left on your blog and comment back. Do you agree or disagree with what someone said about one of your entries? It’s a good chance to let them know or to further explain your reason for the blog.

#6. Tell people about yourself on an “All About Me” page. This is the perfect place to let people know who you are, where you’re from, hobbies, education, etc. This is YOUR blog so give people information about YOU…but not too much. I think it goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyways), don’t put information like your address, phone number, social security number, etc. on your blog. You never know what kind of creepers are out there.

#7. Get out there and NETWORK! You should be networking regardless, but put yourself out there to meet people that are in the PR industry. Not only will you meet new people, but you can also use that as a blog entry.

#8. You can never ramble too much…unless it’s about senseless crap. Like I said before, this is YOUR blog so everything is from your perspective. People are reading your blog to see what you have to say. So in my opinion rambling isn’t a bad thing in the world of blogging.

#9. remember that anyone and everyone can read your blog. I strongly recommend using appropriate language in your blog, especially when it’s one for a class. Don’t drop “f-bombs.” If you’re frustrated and having a bad day, don’t take it out on your blog that your instructor will be reading.

#10. Try to stay positive about your required blogging. Like I said in my number one rule, blogging isn’t always fun, so try to keep a positive attitude and maybe it won’t be so bad!

Well, those are my top ten little nuggets of advice for first time student bloggers! I hope they’re helpful! 🙂

Tina Fey Has “Bieber Fever” Wednesday, Apr 21 2010 

So I by no means suffer from “Bieber Fever,” but when I saw this skit on Saturday Night Live a week or so ago I could not stop laughing. I was suprised by Justin Bieber’s slight acting ability. There’s just something funny about little Canadian Justin Bieber singing about buying his teacher some Spanx! Haha! Tina Fey was hilarious as always, but I thought I’d share this with y’all because it’s just too funny. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

T.O.W–Week 15 Wednesday, Apr 21 2010 

This week we’re supposed to explain what a “Social Media News Release” is. Our book, Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, calls them “multimedia” or “smart media” releases. The book goes on to say “Business Wire, PR Newswire, and Marketwire, now make it possible to embed a news release with high-resolution photos/graphics, video, and audio components.” A PR practitioner should use one of these SMNR/SMR as much as possible because search engines such as Google and Yahoo! can promote them using the included social media tags (i.e. words that are related to the topic of the news release.) Below are a couple of websites/blogs that further discuss SMNRs…

The Definitive Guide to Social Media News Releases

How to Write a Social Media News Release

What is a Social Media News Release?

I hope you find these sites helpful! Have a great day! 🙂

Super Random Facts… Wednesday, Apr 21 2010 

I don’t know about you, but I love reading the random facts that OMGFacts tweets daily. Here’s a few recent ones that I found interesting/funny/gross/ridiculous/etc…

#1. How to never miss a high-five again? Look at the other person’s elbow first.

#2. Breathing the air in Mumbai, India for just ONE DAY is equivalent to smoking 2.5 PACKS of cigarettes.

#3. Einstein’s final words died with him. Why? The nurse at his bedside didn’t speak German!

#4. Make a fist with your left hand, squeeze your left thumb, then put your right index finger down your throat. NO GAG REFLEX.

#5. In Vermont, women must obtain written permission from their husbands to wear false teeth.

#6. The distance from the surface of the Earth to the Earth’s core varies from about 3950-3963 miles, depending on location.

#7. In 1941, Henry Ford built a plastic car made of fiber from hemp and wheat straw.

#8. On average, Americans die 3 YEARS before Canadians.

#9. In beer commercials they add liquid detergent to make the beer foam more.

#10. In “Grease”, a scene where Rizzo is singing a line about Elvis was actually filmed the SAME DAY that Elvis died.

I hope you enjoyed those random facts as much as I did! If you’d like to read and/or follow OMGFacts on Twitter click here!

Ohhh, Perez Hilton… Wednesday, Apr 21 2010 

I know I can’t be the only one who thinks Perez Hilton is hilarious. Yes, sometimes he’s a little mean, but who isn’t?! I for one LOVE Perez and read his blog daily as well as his fashion blog (CoCo Perez.) I read this entry today and i found it interesting…

Chris Brown? Throwing a benefit concert? I thought the only thing he could throw was a mean right hook?

Well, just like Perez says at the end of this entry, I hope this is about helping those who need it and not just trying to make himself look good. Good luck to Chris’ PR people–Lord knows they need it!

Chris Brown Throws Haiti Benefit Concert

Filed under: Chris Brown


Still trying to rehab your image, eh?

Almost 4 months after the terrible earthquake, Chris Brown will be holding a concert in his home state of Virginia to benefit Haiti relief efforts.

The May 15th Virginia Stand Up! A Call To Action concert will feature sets from Brown, Keri Hilson, T-Pain, Juelz Santana and Mario with proceeds going to both the American Red Cross and the Central Virginia Foodbank.

Chris said he “wanted to find a way to contribute personally to the ongoing Haitian relief effort and also support an organization that helps people in need in my home state.”

It’s commendable. We just hope this is more about others rather than a publicity stunt.

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Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate

Team PRSSA Relay For Life Bake Sale Wednesday, Apr 21 2010 

We held a bake sale on March 31 (which is my birthday BTW) and raised $53.10! We thought that was pretty good considering we had some huge competition with other people trying to sell food at the Rotunda. One group was selling plates of jerk chicken, green beans, and rice, while another was selling ice cream sundaes. We’ll probably do the same thing next year because Brigitte Gausche makes fabulous cupcakes. I made chocolate chip cookies (which sucked) so her cup cakes were a hit and our best seller. Here’s a picture of Brigitte Gausche, Megan Bearden, and Haley Higgs helping out at the bake sale!

PR-Real World Wednesday, Apr 21 2010 

I know I should have blogged about this a long time ago, but I never got around to it so here’s my blog about PR-Real World…

Back in February PRSSA members here at GSU were given the chance to go to Atlanta to attend a conference run by Georgia (as in the state, not the school) PRSA. It was called PR Real World and it gave students from around the state, as well as Alabama, Florida, and South Carolina, the chance to network and ask professionals any questions they wanted. My favorite part of the entire day was when we got to have our resumes revised by the professionals. They gave helpful tips like how to lay out your education, work experience, etc. as well as what to include and what should be taken off. That was the best and most helpful thing of the entire conference in my opinion. Oh, another tip the professionals told us was to send a hand-written thank you card after you go to an interview. It helps them to remember you and it’s polite so that sticks in their mind.

I would definitely recommend this one day conference to anyone looking to get into the PR industry as well as anyone who is graduating soon because they also held a career fair. I’m excited for the one next year because I’ll be graduating (finally) and I’m hoping to make some connections that might help me in the job search process.

Below I’ve included a link to GA’s PRSA website as well as the national PRSSA website so you can check it out and look for upcoming events and/or conferences. I HIGHLY recommend them! They’re fun and beneficial!

GA|PRSA Website

National PRSSA Website

PRSSA @ Relay For Life! Wednesday, Apr 21 2010 

So this past Friday (April 16) was the American Cancer Society’s annual event Relay For Life. Brigitte Gausche and I are co-liaisons in PRSSA and it was our job to do anything and everything Relay For Life related. And can I just say that the ACS makes things waaay more complicated than they should be. I mean, can’t we just raise lots of money, show up on the day of the event, decorate our tent, and turn in what we earned?! OK, I’m done venting…moving on,  this year we raised a total of $325! Which is great considering we had about 23 team members and only about 5 that actually helped before and after the event and raised money. I’m really proud of our team and I’m looking forward to next year! Here’s a picture of our tent!

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